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Meet the Illustrator!




Saxton Moore is an award winning, two-time

Emmy nominated Animation Director and Creative Visionary. He has almost twenty-years of experience producing animated content for the biggest entertainment companies in the United States. He started-out directing and animating interstitials that helped brand and market Cartoon Network, as well as animating on shows for Adult Swim. Saxton has also worked as Creative Director at American Greetings and helped revitalize brands like the Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake. In 2009, he founded Pixel Pirate Studio where he produced over twenty historical animated shorts for Nickelodeon, animated music videos, and directed animation for A&E.

OOPLE_Saxton Moore.png

Questions for the Illustrator:

What did you do to help make Sammy Startup? I illustrated the beautiful artwork to bring his story to life!

What is your favorite Sammy Startup character and why? I adore Sammy and his creative imagination when starting a business. His ability to come-up with alternative strategies when meeting new challenges highlights his can-do positive attitude. He keeps business fun!

Did you always know you were going to be an illustrator? Yup. I used to trace the illustrations in coloring books to unlock the secrets of how the artist drew the pictures -while other kids tried their best to stay inside the lines when they colored.


What do you do for fun? Bike, play video games and write stories.

What’s the hardest thing you did as a kid?

Fit in. I was always the outcast.

What are other cool things you do besides illustrating? I animate cartoons and know a few cool yo-yo tricks.

What is your favorite part of the book?

I love when Sammy's team came-up with the ideas to make the lemonade stand noticeable. The funny horn, balloons and Hattie's expression were really fun to draw.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Hmmm...Vanilla is usually my go to, but nothing beats a double-scoop of butter pecan.

If you had a pet armadillo and beaver what would their names be? For the armadillo, I would call him Tucker Rollington the Third. The beaver would be called Sanchez.

What video games do you have a high-score in? Marvel Contest of Champions. I'm too deep and can't get out! Help!


Who are some people you think are amazing?

My children Raigan, Madison and Saxton Jr.

Have you ever seen an alien or Sasquatch? I only see a Sasquatch in the mirror when I haven't shaved my beard. Which is daily. I love my beard!

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