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Meet the Author!




Payson is a new up and coming children's book author. She is currently a 7th grade science teacher and has been teaching grades 5 through 7 for nearly the past ten years. Pairing her passions for children’s literature with becoming a mom resulted in the budding of her new found love of writing young children's books.


Payson currently lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Brandon, daughter Charlie and son, Callan where she enjoys spontaneous dance parties, sing-alongs and elaborate tea parties. 

Questions for the Author:

Where did you get the idea for Rabbit, Worm and the Giant Carrot?

My daughter loves bedtime stories! One night I started telling the bedtime story about a giant carrot that just wouldn’t budge! It slowly evolved into RWC and was told many times before I decided to finally write it down!

What is your favorite of the book

I love that sheep is all for helping even half sheered! Also the image of a horse pulling on a tiny, 1/2 sheered sheep...classic! 

Who is your favorite character and why? Definitely Charlie Rabbit. She is, after all, the character created for my own Charlie girl. I just love her desire to get the job done with and for for her friends with her strong can do attitude, perseverance and willingness to see solutions from different perspectives.


What do you do for fun? Plan elaborate parties for stuffed animals, build forts, put on singing and dance shows...oh, and play with my kids.

What’s the hardest thing you did as a kid?

I always had, and still have, a love for the performing arts. But one of my biggest fears is getting up in front of people and, well, performing! As a kid I would constantly battle that and get up on stage to overcome those fears for the love of the art - that’s hard!

What are other cool things you do besides writing? I’m a middle school teacher - what could be cooler than that?!

Did you always know you were going to be a writerActually, no! I always knew I would teach and have always loved children’s literature, collecting books for my at home library well before I had kids of my own. Connect the dots and the children’s book author thing just fell into place.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Chocolate chip cookie dough, hands down!

If you had a pet armadillo and beaver what would their names be? Definitely Rolly and Stix. They would be best friends.

What video games do you have a high-score in? That would NEVER happen! I can’t control any video game character to save my life. I say jump, they run. I say duck, they jump. With max effort, I easily have the lowest score in all video games.


Who are some people you think are amazing?

I know some pretty hard working people who are constantly being creative, pushing the ceiling, challenging ideas, and always thinking about others first; they are amazing!

Have you ever seen an alien or Sasquatch? I saw a Sasquatch play hide and seek with an alien. They were both really good at hiding.

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